If you like Alabama Shakes…

Alabama Shakes
If you like Alabama Shakes (so, all of you) then you’ll love Electric Guest.
Electric Guest
Alabama Shakes is known for it’s killer vocals from lead singer Brittany Howard, cutting guitar licks, chanting harmonies, and textured bass notes that come together in an effortlessly bluesy rock ‘n roll style that Howard herself calls “genre-bending.” The Shakes have been quickly gaining popularity since debut album Boys & Girls won 3 grammies after it’s release in 2012.

Electric Guest also released it’s debut album Mondo, in 2012. The band is categorized as “indie electric pop rock” or some combination thereof, and is known for the beautifully high (almost electric, if you will) vocals, chorus-like harmonies, unexpected beats and genre-defying qualities that are reminiscent of the Shakes. Their second album is due out any day now. Check out this music video of “The Bait.”

While I can’t deny the Shakes have more potential of the two to hit an album out of the park, I do find Electric Guest to be nothing but catchy. If any of you say you weren’t doing some form of sit-dancing during that last one, you’re lying.

xx. Amanda

/photos from alabamashakes.com and electricguest.bandcamp.com/

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