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Just Another Modern Monday

Jackson Pollock, The Key, 1946.

Jackson Pollock, The Key, 1946.

It’s Monday! Which means I am behind (of course). So while I write a few posts for the week and catch up on other life-related activities (bills, groceries, episodes of Mad Men) here’s The Key.

x. Amanda

Art Institute of Chicago

Jackson Pollock

Greyed Rainbow, Jackson Pollock, 1953. Oil on linen.

I spent last weekend in Chicago and was able to visit the Art Institute. And I think that was probably my best museum experience. It was incredible, you guys. We only had time to see the modern and contemporary wings, and a little impressionism on our way out (we were sneaking peeks of Monet while they literally shepherded us out of the building), but what we saw was nothing short of amazing. The Art Institute of Chicago deserves a multi-day visit if you have the time (make the time!). I wish I could go back every weekend.
Jasper Johns

Corpse and Mirror II, Jasper Johns, 1974-75. Oil on linen (four panels).

American Gothic - Grant Wood

American Gothic, Grant Wood, 1930. Oil on beaverwood.

I love how the woman’s dress kind of pulls out the curtains in the top floor window, and how the man’s pitchfork mirrors the hem of his overalls. People in their work, land, purpose and daily activity.
Desert Forms - Hughie Lee Smith

Desert Forms, Hughie Lee Smith, 1957. Oil on Masonite.

This one makes me want to cry. Two people alone, no regard for the other. They’re like “hey we’re in this apocalyptic desert together but, sorry, I’d rather just do it alone.” Ouch.
By-Products Plants, Joseph Stella

By-Products Plants, Joseph Stella, 1923. Oil on canvas.

Futurism, mystery, industry. Beauty and death in American progression.
Nighthawks, Edward Hopper

Nighthawks, Edward Hopper, 1942. Oil on canvas.

Who are they and do they have anything to do with each other? I don’t understand it, but I want to. You know??

Okay so this is a pretty small taste but seriously you guys. Go to the Art Institute of Chicago! Do it now! (Or definitely the next time you’re in Chicago.)

x. Amanda